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These one-piece Djembes are made according to West African shapes and tuning methods, but are turned from local wood.
With respect, Sylvan Temple also makes a bolt-tuned Djembe for a simple and refined feel. These can make great Afro-Arabic fusion drums.

Rope tuned Djembe

Sylvan Temple creates many sizes and regional shapes of Djembe, from a full size 12″–14″x”24, to a 18″x26″ monster, to a 9″x18″ portable little powerhouse. Doubled ring knots, heavy cord, smooth round rims, textured bowls.

Bolt tuned Djembe

With the same acoustics and similar shapes as traditional Djembes, these have wooden steam-bent tuning rings which tighten with bolts housed in the shell. They play well on the lap as Darbuka.

$200-$500 depending on size and features


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