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The Celtic pitch-bending frame drum

Sylvan Temple makes Bodhran shells of any depth, and offers two construction methods: steam-bent shells and lathe-carved, one-piece shells. Steam-bent shells are more robust and resistant to climatic changes, while solid lathe-carved shells present a freer form to work with weight and shape, and have more connection to the tree they came from. A cam tuning system, adjusted with the hands, is standard, though several other tuning systems can be used upon request. You can choose between several skin types, including local skins. A tone ring fitted under the skin controls over-tones and enhances the fundamental pitch, but upon request the rim can be taped instead. Cross-bars are added by request.

Solid lathe-carved Bodhran

Weight, shape (including taper), etc are decided when turning the shell.

Steam-bent Bodhran

Extra laminations to bring more shape to the profile are amoung the customizations you can have.

Tippers and Bones $20-$40


$325-$450 depending on size, wood used and features


Orders and Workshops

Contact us for drum orders, drum services, or to request drumming workshops and events.

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