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The peruvian/spanish percussion box, most associated with Flamenco music, has made avenues into many musical styles.

Unless otherwise requested, Sylvan Temple Cajons feature one board which wraps around all four sides so the wood’s grain flows uninterrupted across the instrument, to make two playing surfaces and a sound hole on the side. One surface has a snare system which tunes on the side of the shell and is designed to be silent when the bass note is struck, unless tuned otherwise. The other playing surface is divided into two tones to play like Congas, with the bass note still active below. The sound hole is lathed to a variety of depths and shapes to facilitate different bass note qualities.

Standard size Cajon

These are 12″–13″ wide and 17″–19″ tall.

Bass Cajon

Bigger than standard Cajon, they are 14″–16″ wide and 16″–19″ tall. Designed to have big bass with bright dry snare.

Mini Cajon

These have snares and good bass notes, and can be a variety of dimensions up to a standard size cajon. $100-$200 depending on size and features.

$250-$450, depending on size, wood and features.


Orders and Workshops

Contact us for drum orders, drum services, or to request drumming workshops and events.

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