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Darbuka/Doumbek & Doholla

These goblet drums, played on the lap, originate in the Middle-East and North Africa and are traditionally made of clay, and more recently, metal.

Since 2003 Sylvan Temple has offered a wood alternative to clay and metal cermaic-coated shells. There is freedom in the design of each drum because the shells are free-hand lathed from a single piece of wood. The weight, shell porportions, sound qualities, rim profiles, and many other details of the shell are evaluated anew with each piece of wood. They feature outstanding brightness and precision, with the depth and warmth of wood.

Top bolted Darbuka and Doholla

These darbukas have steam-bent tuning rings of Yew, Oak and Black Locust with a shoulder which cut allows for synthetic or natural skins. To be compatible with synthetic heads, sizes are 6″,8″,8 1/2″, 8 3/4″, 9″,10″,12″.

Blind bolted Darbuka and Doholla

Tuned from under the rim, these drums have an uninterrupted rim/skin interface, a desirable feature in many darbukas. Made for natural skins only, the playing surface can be any size. They’ve evolved over the years, but the first generation is still my favorite.

Turkish style Doholla

These are often larger drums with deep open bass notes and have wide round rims which are hollow to enhance the Kik sound of the rim. The skin can be glued to the shell for lamp-tuned systems or laced to the shell in a low-profile manner to support the lap-playing style. In the laced model, the skin is reinforced so it can be tuned in a manner traditional to the Djembe.


$300-$500, depending on size, features and wood.


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