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Forest born, Forest grown

These instruments come from the beautiful forests of Vancouver Island and are made in honour of all forests.
To those who hold forest,
we salute you.

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The drums pictured on this site are made in an artistic context: before I lathe a piece of tree I don’t know what will happen and must welcome the direction each tree takes me.

The potiential offered by each tree’s life journey, held in it’s wood, is a focul point for creativity and varitey, so what would be waste acquires new values and what was limiting becomes a gateway. In the careful manner I craft for the tree’s afterlife, I believe the instruments have the blessing of the tree.

You can look through the examples to get ideas. A small portion of my stock is on the Available Now page.

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Our Mission

To inspire people to keep forest.
The forest is part of our ancient family and its presence heals many things. May we be honoured to have the forest live amoung us. May the city adopt the forest’s ways and may technology respect the authority of nature. Let us ride into the future with forest amoung us, nature within us.

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Sylvan Temple Instruments
Where were we: a dream of forest as home

If life on earth is to thrive, forests need to be lived in. Our brief time with forest, wildness as Other is not serving us well.

Bring them forth: may forests keep the cities robust into the future. May forest and city unite. May hundreds of stately, serene neighbours join each neighbourhood and stretch into the distance for all to enjoy.

Develop this one integration and many of Humanity’s barriers to ecological balance will become platforms for global respect.

So Sylvan Temple strives.
Some of Vancouver Island’s beautiful trees which Sylvan Temple carefully salvages are: Maple, Red Alder, Garry Oak, Yew, Red Cedar, Cypress, Pine, Arbutus, Coastal Douglas Fir, Rural Black Locust…and many surprises. Like forests, we use what the immediate environment created and outsource particulars locally. Producing through a partnership with your environment reduces pollution: we all should exist amid the consequences of our activities and create production structures which can evolve to balance them, as trees and animals are made of and limited by the ecology of the forest. Our prosperity then is closely bound to our immediate environment and if the ideas of decline and growth are discarded for that of diversity, there can be balance. Everything is part of the system’s process so all aspects provide continuity.

Sylvan Temple is Robin Shackleton, who lives in Errington on Vancouver Island, with his trusty partner Laurie and their two sons, Sylvan and Eli. Robin completes all processes of instrument creation and supply gathering, and produces around 60 instruments a year.

“I try to make talismans which last a long time.”

Balance to Earth and all.
To those who hold forest, we salute you
~ Robin Shackleton

Trees are above me,
the soil and roots beneath me.
Here, I am at peace.

Drum Maker
Robin Shackleton

Earth’s Forest — Heal us, you do.
“Ancient Wild World…stay vibrant!”
We need your secrets:
You have the key to harmony.

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