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About Sylvan Temple

peace, peace.

where ever you go

The drums pictured on this site are examples of their style, made through the artist context, and are to facilitate ordering a drum. Drum Maker, drum maker.
Drum Maker Robin Shackleton

Tree, Grove, Forest -- Heal us, you do.
“Ancient Wild World...stay vibrant!"
We need your secrets.
You have the greatest guiding principles:
No waste, no meaningless death, no
over consumption without consequence.

peace, peace.

Be impeccable

peace, peace.

there you are

The Forest lays the guiding principles for the creation of these instruments. Some of Vancouver Island's beautiful trees which Sylvan Temple gratefully salvages are: Cedar, Costal Douglas Fur, Maple, Yew, Sitka Spruce, Cypress, Alder, Garry Oak, Arbutus, Bitter Cherry... many more. Sylvan Temple strives to face the currrent challenge to manufacturing and artisanhood: to use supplies which the immediate environment has in abundance, to outsource locally from others who are doing the same, to then produce through a dependency on your environment. A company should feel the consequences of its activities and create production structures which can easily evolve to balance them.
The instrument maker is Robin Shackleton, who lives in Errington on Vancouver Island, with his wonderful partner Laurie and their two sons, Sylvan and Eli. Robin completes all processes of instrument creation, and produces around 60 instruments a year. Each summer, Robin goes on tour with his instruments to music festivals. This is a treasured part of his business approach and has lead him to a rich world of influences and ideas. Check the facebook page in late spring to see where he is going: Sylvan Temple World Instruments.

Sylvan Temple drums are made to last generations, and to sound and feel beautiful enough to inspire the care this requires.

Peace and balance to Earth and all,
Robin Shackleton

peace, peace.